Travelling with the Phoenix Suns

My wife Nancy and I got to fly with the Phoenix Suns Team on their private plane to Los Angeles yesterday for their game versus the Clippers.  Although it was another tough loss for the SSuns Game in LAuns, Nancy and I enjoyed the trip tremendously.  It was a fantastic experience to see life inside of the NBA.  We got to know Robert and Penny Sarver much better.  They are much more personable in private than they are in public.  It was good to see his one on one contact with the players getting on and off of the plane, not to mention all of the poker games in flight.  Jared Dudley is still our favorite player.  He is so friendly and nice.  Tim Kempton was asking Nancy if she brought her caramels like she did last time.  Even the phoenix suns know and love Nancy’s caramels.

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