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I’ve been contacted by the IRS- Now What?

By Shad Brown, Attorney
© 2013

One of the most stressful times in a person’s life can be when they are contacted by the IRS. The stress and fear of navigating these troubled waters can be significantly reduced when you enlist the help of an experienced advocate who knows and understands the tactics and intentions of the IRS. Many individuals who chose to face their tax problems alone hope that if they ignore the IRS, their problems will magically disappear. This is never the case. Most of the time, the gravity of the situation only grows more dire. Engaging the IRS is often the most effective way of working through this process.

The first step in effectively responding to the IRS is to determine which division of the IRS is conducting the investigation. Taxpayers will primarily interference with one of three IRS divisions: 1) the civil examination division, 2) the civil collection division, and 3) the criminal investigation division. To read a description of the function performed by each of these divisions, click on the following links.

IRS Civil Examination Division
IRS Civil Collection Division
IRS Criminal Investigation Division

No one looks forward to being contacted by the IRS. However, with an experienced advocate by your side, the fear and uncertainty associated with these interactions can be managed, greatly improving your chances of escaping unscathed. Throughout Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria and the entire state of Arizona, your trusted advocate can be found at the Dana Law Firm. Our experienced attorneys are experienced guides on the trepid waters of IRS disputes and can help you navigate these, often treacherous, waters safely. Whatever your tax problem, our attorneys can help you at all phases of your IRS interaction. From IRS audits to wage garnishment, tax lien and levies, the Dana Law Firm is your trusted Arizona tax attorneys.