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IRS Criminal Investigation Division

By Shad Brown, Attorney
© 2013

The third IRS division that taxpayers may encounter is the IRS’ criminal investigation division. The criminal investigation division is the most frightening to encounter and requires immediate reaction by the individual being investigation. The sole purpose of the criminal investigation division is to investigate and convict taxpayers of tax and other financial crimes. Stated bluntly, the criminal investigation division’s job is to put people in jail. The criminal investigation division’s investigative authority is not limited to tax crimes. The IRS criminal division can also investigate numerous financial crimes including, but not limited to, money laundering, wire fraud, mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud and Bank Secrecy Act violations. These financial crimes can be brought in lieu of tax crimes and often carry larger prison sentences.

All contact with the IRS’ criminal investigation division should be coordinated with an experienced attorney. For this reason, you should never speak to a special agent with the IRS’ criminal investigation division before consulting with a qualified and experienced attorney. All statements made to the criminal investigation division can later be used against you in both criminal and civil proceedings. Investigations that begin in the civil examination division can also be transferred to the criminal investigation for criminal investigation when fraud is suspected by the examining agent. If there is ever a chance that you may be under criminal investigation for tax or other financial crimes, you should contact an experienced tax attorney as soon as possible. The experienced attorneys of the Dana Law Firm have significant experience in both civil and criminal tax matters and are your trusted advisor for all tax problems and issues.