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Basic Eligibility for VA Pension

  1. Be a veteran who served at least 90 days of active duty or the surviving spouse of a wartime veteran (married at the time of veteran’s death).
  2. At least one day of active duty had to be during wartime:
  • WWII – 12/7/41 to 7/25/47
  • Korea – 6/27/50 to 1/31/55
  • Vietnam – 8/5/64 to 5/7/75
  1. Does not need to have been in combat.
  2. Discharged other than dishonorably:
  • Honorable discharge
  • Discharge under honorable conditions
  • General Discharge
  • Bad conduct discharge, Discharge under other than honorable conditions, or Undesirable discharge may still be eligible after a “character of service determination” hearing
  1. Income less than $1,644 per month for an unmarried veteran, or $1,949 if married, once out-of-pocket medical expenses are considered (less than $1,056 per month for a surviving spouse).
  2. Net worth less than approximately $50,000 (determined on a case-by-case basis).