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Aging can be very expensive.  The average monthly cost of nursing home care in Arizona is $5,942.65*. The cost of long term care can quickly deplete a nest egg that has taken a lifetime to accumulate. The State of Arizona has programs that provide long-term care and medical benefits under the federal Medicaid system.  Arizona’s Medicaid system is called the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS). ALTCS (sometimes called “Altecs”) is administered by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). In order to qualify applicants must have a physical need for financial assistance and have a limited amount of monthly income and assets.  In addition to nursing home care ALTCS can also provide in home health care services and in some cases even pay a spouse or family member that is providing care for a loved one.

In an ideal situation, the Dana Law Firm works with clients to develop a long term plan to help preserve their hard earned assets from the cost of medical care.  However in reality, many of our clients come to us for short term planning and to get qualified for ALTCS as soon as possible.  The Dana Law Firm can develop long and short term strategies to preserve assets and get an applicant qualified for ALTCS.  We can even attend medical and home evaluations to ensure that an applicant gets approved as soon as possible.  We find great joy and satisfaction in helping people solve their long term care problems.

*According to ALTCS in 2010