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Normally, an heir or loved one would never think of contesting a Will. However, in some circumstances, a Will Contest is necessary.  If you are a beneficiary under an Estate that you feel was unduly influenced, call our office today. Generally, it is very difficult to convince a court to throw out a Will or invalidate a gift. However, where a Testator was unduly influenced or lacked the legal capacity to execute a testamentary instrument, our law firm would represent an heir in contesting a Will.  We have been successful numerous times in contesting a Will wherein an individual did not have the mental capacity to understand the document. Several of our cases have included significant wealth. In one such case, we were able to dispute a $16million dollar gift that was made by a vulnerable adult.  If you are a beneficiary, or an heir to an estate in which you feel was not set up properly, speak to one of our attorney in the Estate Litigation Department.