Maricopa County Scam

It has come to our attention through several of our clients that there is a new scam going out to residents in Maricopa County. Here is what is happening: when clients refinance, transfer property to their Revocable Trust, or sale a property, these documents become public record. Some companies try to take advantage of these transaction by trying to make you think you need to order an additional “Grant Deed”. Click here to see the form that is being mailed out.

Please  be advised that any correspondence coming from our law firm, our attorneys, or our paralegals will be on Dana Law Firm letterhead. If you receive any paperwork that you are unsure of, especially if it has to do with your Revocable Trust, Last Will and Testament or any properties you own, please contact our office. We do not want you to fall victim to one of these scams and we especially do not want you to pay for any unnecessary documents.  For any questions please call our office at 480-515-3716.

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