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Sun City located near Phoenix, Arizona is one of the most popular places for active adults to retire after a successful career.  Sun City is well known for its many golf courses, friendly atmosphere as well as many social and cultural activities for adults.

Many active adults that live in Sun City came from other states.  As a result, many brought with them an estate plan that was also prepared out of state.  When ever a person moves from one state to another it is important that they take time to review their estate plan and update their documents to reflect Arizona Law.  While many states have similar laws to administer an estate, when a person dies, each state has many individual probate laws that can differ from state to state.  Some differences may include such things as to what assets would be subject to probate as well as what requirement s a personal representative would need to meet in order to administer an estate.

Additionally when a person moves from one state to another it is important to review their existing trust, will and power of attorney documents for any changes they may have to beneficiaries or fiduciaries as a result of change in geography or changes in individual circumstances.  Another issue to consider is to confirm that after the move to Arizona that the new house has been properly titled to avoid probate in the event one or both spouses were to pass away.

By having a licensed attorney review the existing estate plan, residents can be properly guided through possible updates to an existing trust, will, durable power of attorney and a health care power of attorney.  The attorney would also be able to discuss differences in state law and provide guidance to achieve the resident’s estate planning goals.

By taking a little time to review and update their existing estate plan documents, Sun City residents can enjoy all of the fun activities of Sun City and retirement without the stress and worry if the worst should happen.