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The red rocks in Sedona, Arizona are some of the prettiest landscape in the world. As such, Sedona is a popular area for retirees to associate and live with people of a similar lifestyle and age. Sedona provides opportunities for active adults to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Sedona, plenty of golfing, shopping, tennis and many other activities in the beautiful Arizona climate.

Because many Sedona residents move from out of state, it is especially important for residents to put an estate plan in place that complies with Arizona law.  As an experienced Sedona Estate Planning lawyer, Matt Dana wants to help the residents of Sedona preserve and protect their assets in Arizona. If you have existing estate planning documents, it is imperative that they are recognized by Arizona law so that you are protected and can enjoy retirement.

For a Sedona resident who does not have any existing estate planning documents in place, it might be necessary to prepare Sedona estate planning documents from scratch, such as a Revocable Trust or Last Will and Testament, Health Care and Durable Powers of Attorney and a Living Will. The preparation of such documents will put your affairs in order for the protection of your spouse, children and other loved ones. Executing such documents will help give you peace of mind knowing that all of your affairs are in place.

Residents of Sedona will enjoy all of the many activities this beautiful area has to offer without the worry of what will happen to their estate by putting together a quality estate plan that is up to date, effective, and accomplishes the goals of the individual. Matt Dana looks forward to meeting with you in Sedona. Call our office today to schedule a free initial Sedona estate planning.