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Pebble Creek is an up and coming area for retirees and families to live and associate with people of a similar experience, lifestyle and age.  Pebble Creek is also near some big employers of the valley including, University of Phoenix, Petsmart,  Intel, US Airways, and  Avnet.  The area provides opportunities for not only for active adults but families to enjoy many activities including shopping , golf, crafts and sports in the new and developing area of the west valley.

With many of the residents of Pebble creek moving in from out of state, it is important that Pebble Creek residents to understand the need to preserve and protect their assets under Arizona under Arizona Law.  By properly utilizing an estate plan recognized under Arizona law, residents can take an important step toward protecting their families and prepare for a worry free retirement.

For Pebble Creek residents, putting an estate plan in place may include executing a trust, a will, or even a power of attorney to help them manage their affairs not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit their children, spouse and  other loved ones.  It is also leave a legacy to a favorite charity.  For others, it may include merely updating their existing estate plan to comply with Arizona law, giving a peace of mind knowing that their affairs are in order.

In its most basic form, a will dictates to the probate court or a decedent’s survivors, who is to receive a person’s assets and personal effects when they pass away.  A trust may allow for the avoidance of probate and gives the person who creates the trust greater control over who receives their assets and personal property upon death.   A trust also provides the ability to determine how beneficiaries and descendants receive their inheritance.  In many cases, a trust can provide protection from creditors and tax benefits.

By putting together an estate plan that is up to date, effective and meets the decedent’s goals, Pebble Creek residents  may  enjoy all of the many activities the west valley has to offer without concern of what will happen to their estate when they pass away.