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For more info or to schedule a free initial consultation with an Estate Planning Attorney please call: 480-719-8882

Dana Law Firm has been practicing in Mesa, Arizona since the 1990’s. As such, he is committed to providing quality legal services to his community. Having assisted hundreds, if not thousands of clients, Mr. Dana has the experience and certainly the expertise to provide any client with a quality estate plan.

Dana Law Firm is one of the premier Law Firms in Mesa, Arizona, providing exceptional representation in all aspects of estate planning, estate administration, and probate litigation. Our estate planning attorneys are knowledgeable in the creation of estate planning documents, from a simple last will and testament to a complex revocable trust.

As a Mesa estate planning law firm we also offer estate planning solutions, including exceptional representation in the areas of trust administration, probate, as well as guardianship and conservatorship appointments and administration.

As a Mesa estate planning firm, we stay informed of all the latest developments in trust and estate law so that we can provide our clients with quality legal representation. You want estate planning lawyers in Mesa who have extensive knowledge in the areas of Trust and Probate law as well.

Dana Law Firm offers a free initial consultation to meet with one of our highly qualified estate planning attorneys in our Mesa office. Because our firm offers services in every aspect of estate planning, from a complex Trust to a simple Will, we can provide you with a quality estate plan that fits your needs. We also offer services in the areas of Trust Administration or Arizona Probate.