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Sun Lakes is a popular area for successful retirees to live and associate with people of a similar age and lifestyle. Sun Lakes provides opportunities for active adults to enjoy golf, tennis, shopping, crafts and other activities in the comfortable weather of the Valley of the Sun.  This is why we opened this location to offer Sun Lakes Estate Planning.

With many of Sun Lakes residents coming from out of state, it is important for residents to understand the need for Sun Lakes Estate Planning or to protect and preserve their assets in Arizona under Arizona Law. Putting an estate plan in place that is recognized by Arizona law is an important step toward this protection and toward a long and enjoyable retirement.

For Sun Lakes residents or those living in Chandler AZ, putting an estate plan in place could mean executing a will, a power of attorney or a trust to help them put their affairs in order for themselves, their spouse, children and loved ones and to help them provide for their favorite charities. For others, it may entail updating their existing estate plan to meet the formalities of Arizona law for a will or a valid trust thus giving the peace of mind that their affairs are in order.

In its most basic form a will informs survivors, and instructs the probate court, who is to receive a person’s assets and personal effects when they pass away. A trust allows the privacy of avoiding the probate court and gives the person who creates the trust greater control over who receives their assets and personal property. A trust also provides control as to when and how descendants and beneficiaries receive their inheritance. In many cases, a trust provides tax benefits and protection from creditors.

By putting together an estate plan that is effective, up to date and achieves the desired goals, the residents of Sun Lakes can enjoy all of the many activities this area has to offer without the worry of what will happen to their estate. Call our office today to schedule a free initial estate planning consultation at this location with one of our experienced Sun Lakes Estate Planning Lawyers.