Life Insurance as part of your Estate Plan

For some reason or another, people usually don’t like to discuss life insurance. Perhaps because many times they feel like they are being pressured into buying it by a pushy salesman, or the mere fact that they don’t want to plan for the inevitable: death.  As Estate Planning Attorneys, we feel that life insurance is a useful, and dare we say even crucial element of estate planning. Life Insurance as an estate planning tool can provide income-tax-free security for your beneficiaries and may even be able to help you avoid estate taxes too.

While the above all seems fine and well, life insurance needs to be incorporated into your estate plan properly! For more information on this topic, please read the article, “Life Insurance as part of your Estate Plan” here or listen to our radio segment wherein Life Insurance was discussed in depth here. As with any estate planning strategy, it is important that this is incorporated correctly, otherwise it may have adverse affects. If you want to make sure that your estate plan and life insurance are working together in harmony, call our office to schedule a free appointment with one of our attorneys at           1-800-753-DANA (3262).

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