Goodbye to our Dear Friend Shelly

It is with a heavy heart that we write today’s blog post. This morning we said goodbye to our co-worker and dear friend Shelly Clark. Shelly passed away last week after battling pancreatic cancer for several months. Her funeral services were held today. Although we are saddened to lose such a tremendous paralegal at Dana Law Firm, her legacy will continue on at the firm.

First and foremost, Shelly was a mother and a grandmother and these titles were made apparent in her paralegal work. She took tremendous care in each and every task she performed. She was so organized and never attempted a task without giving it her all.  She was a joy to work with and a wonderful person to be around. It was obvious around the office if Shelly ordered the office supplies, instead of plain black paper clamps, Shelly would order metallic ones,  or bright neon sticky notes. Her desk was always equipped with a festive holiday arrangement with plenty of pictures of her family surrounded her work space.

Shelly was made quite famous around the office for a few things, but two things stand out in particular: packing a travel bag and her famous peanut-butter cookies. At Dana Law Firm we have attorneys that travel to our Northern Arizona offices every Wednesday and the paralegals prepare their travel bag. Shelly took this task to the next level. Not only would she pack all necessary files but she would also include plenty of extra pens, extra notepads and sticky notes and she would even pack a snack for the attorney to eat! Only a true mom and grandma would think to pack a snack for the attorney! Her peanut-butter cookies were an office favorite. Shelly could bribe anyone to do just about anything for her around the office if her peanut-butter cookies were on the line. Although she shared the recipe, her cookies cannot be duplicated (believe me, I have tried several times).

We love our dear friend Shelly Clark and miss seeing her face around the office.

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