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Written by Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Kyle Scoresby

What Family Law Is Not

When people hear the term “family law”, some think of a family doctor, who treats many different illnesses and injuries.  Some mistakenly think that a “family law” attorney handles all kinds of legal problems.  In fact, family law is a rather narrow specialty.

Family Law Deals With Family Relationships

Family law attorneys deal with cases that involve family relationships, and most commonly, family law attorneys represent people whose family relationships are ending or changing.  The most common type of family law case is a divorce.  In addition to dissolving a marriage, a divorce case may include determining child custody and parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), and dividing up the couple’s assets and debts.

When children are born out of wedlock, the family law issues include establishing paternity, child custody, parenting time and child support.

In all family law cases, resolving the issues by agreement is preferred to having a judge decide the case at a court trial.  Mediation can sometimes be very helpful in reaching agreements.

Having a Lawyer on Your Side

Having an experienced and aggressive family law attorney is critical to achieving a fair outcome.  A family law attorney who has taken many cases to trial knows a good settlement from a bad one.  In fact, the lawyer’s trial experience and ability is often a key factor in reaching a favorable settlement.  Scottsdale divorce and family law attorney J. Kyle Scoresby has over 22 years of divorce and family law trial experience.  In many cases, Mr. Scoresby is able to negotiate favorable settlements for his clients, but when settlement fails, Mr. Scoresby has a long history of effectively and aggressively representing his clients in the courtroom.

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