Dana Law Firm’s Statement to Oklahoma Charity

At the Dana Law Firm, we strive to provide the best legal services possible to our clients and those related to the matters we are handling.  Recently, however, we made a mistake that resulted in an estate distribution being sent to an animal shelter with the same name as the intended beneficiary.  The check was supposed to have been sent to the Friends of Collinsville Animal Shelter in Collinsville, Illinois, but it was accidently sent to the Friends of Collinsville Animal Shelter located in Collinsville, Oklahoma.

As soon as we were made aware of the mistake, we contacted the shelter in Oklahoma and notified them of the error.  After confirming that they were not the intended beneficiary, the Oklahoma shelter stated that they would return the funds so that they could be delivered to the proper shelter.  While we understand how difficult it must have been for the shelter in Oklahoma to return the funds, our responsibility is to make sure that the money ends up in the right hands. 

We feel devastated to have disappointed an organization that does so much good for their community, and apologize to our friends in Oklahoma.  We are grateful to them for cooperating and doing the right thing in a very difficult situation.  As a sign of our appreciation and in recognition of the valuable services they provide, we have agreed to donate our legal fees in this case to the shelter in Oklahoma.

We also hope that the generosity of our client who left her estate to charity does not get overlooked in this situation.  We are privileged to work with clients that want to do good with whatever wealth they have accumulated during their lives.  We are committed to making sure that mistakes like this one do not happen again, and commit ourselves to delivering top-notch legal services to our clients.

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