Congress Considering 3 Year Look back Period for Veterans Benefits

Under current Federal Law, there is no look back period for VA benefits under the Aid and Attendance or Homebound pension.  The current U.S. Congressional session is looking at changing this.

Arizona Veterans Benefits

Currently, a veteran can transfer funds in order to become eligible for certain VA pension programs.  However, Senate Bill 784, introduced on April 17th, 2013 proposes to create a look back period of 36 months, beginning from the date of application.  Under the pending legislation, if assets are transferred within the look back period, the transfer will create a time period of ineligibility.

Transfers of assets in Senate Bill 784 include transfers to trusts, gifts to family members, and the purchase of certain financial products designed to protect assets.  The period of ineligibility is limited to 36 months, and is determined by dividing the amount transferred by the monthly pension amount the applicant would have received.

There are certain hardship provisions included in the bill, and if funds are returned, the penalty can be reduced or eliminated. We will track the legislation as it progresses in the various committees and update our website. If you have any questions regarding Arizona Veteran Benefits, or need to talk to an Elder Law Attorney, please contact Dana Law Firm at 480-515-3716.

Written by Elder Law Attorney Robin Cochran Kruger

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Robin Cochran Kruger works in our Elder Law Department. Because she is so kind and compassionate, she is able to help Veterans receive Benefits in the State of Arizona. Ms. Cochran Kruger is also proficient in the complex area of Arizona Long Term Care Planning or commonly known as ALTCS. If you are a Veteran or know a Veteran, please help them ensure they are receiving all of the benefits they deserve by working with an Elder Law Attorney. Ms. Cochran Kruger is also very knowledgeable with all Estate Planning matters. She know how important it is to have a Revocable Trust, Last Will and Testament , Living Will and Powers of Attorney in place. Contact Ms. Cochran Kruger for all of your Elder Law and Estate Planning needs in Sun City, Pebble Creek, or Scottsdale. Google+ Profile
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