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Dana Law Firm was founded in 1989 by Matthew S. Dana. Mr. Dana decided early in his career that rather than being decent at several practice areas, he would rather focus on one particular practice area and be the best. With a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and as a licensed CPA, Estate Planning seemed to be the perfect fit. At Dana Law Firm we pride ourselves in being one of Arizona largest firms focusing strictly on Estate Planning. Whether you are in the initial stages of planning your estate, or need assistance administering an Estate, Dana Law Firm is the best choice for you.

Knowledge and education has always been a top priority at Dana Law Firm. As such, several of our attorneys also have advanced law degrees, known as an LLM, or Masters Degree in Taxation. This designation is a two year program after law school and provides a depth of information on tax law.  Each attorney at the Dana Law Firm is constantly striving to learn all there is to know in Tax Law to ensure that your estate plan is current and up to date. A few attorneys at Dana Law Firm are also licensed CPAs as well.

Matt Dana has since departed from Dana Law Firm and Dana Law Firm is no longer practicing law. If you are looking for Matthew Dana, call quarles and brady in Phoenix where Matt works in the Trusts and Estates department. If you are looking for an estate planning law firm similar to Dana Law Firm, you may contact Matthew’s son, Zachary Dana who manages Dana Law Group (including several offices throughout AZ including Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Sun City, Prescott, and Tucson).